Tuition Rebate Program

Welcome to SCRIP!  This Tuition Rebate program offers a great way to raise money for St. James Cathedral School while helping decrease your tuition costs! It is a fundraiser that doesn’t ask you to spend any more money than you spend already.Participants can continue to shop at Publix, Target, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Amazon, or the hundreds of other stores, restaurants, and gas stations. All of which offer you the opportunity to earn credit toward your tuition next year. SCRIP orders can be made in person or online through convenient features that fit your lifestyle!  Be sure to check out SCRIP NOW and PRESTO PAY once you sign up! SCRIP Enrollment is an easy 2-Part process. Our PPA SCRIP Committee is happy to help you through the steps. For any questions or inquiries, please email ENROLL NOW     DOWNLOAD CALENDAR INFORMATIONAL FLYER

St. James Cathedral School