Fun Run

Friday, November 22nd, 2024

Our annual fundraiser is a celebration of giving and provides an opportunity to thank God for St. James Cathedral School, its students, families, teachers, generous benefactors, supporters, alumni, and all those who have blessed our community for generations. This year, FUNds raised will help us put the “finishing touches” on our classrooms and hallways including adding lockers, removing remaining chalk rails and outdated display boards, and other small projects to enrich our buildings for all Panther students and teachers. Your past generosity has allowed us to purchase new classroom furniture which included flexible seating options for learners, the ability to update and enhance our Media Center and Chapel, and also provided the monies to renovate our Art room! We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

FUN RUN 2023 kicks off on November 7th and culminates with the run itself on Friday, November 17th! 100% of your donation secures #SJCSFUTURE.


St. James Cathedral School

Fun Run Memories