Catholic Youth Sports


At St. James Cathedral School, athletics is a strong component of our student life. As such, we are proud to participate in the Catholic Youth Sports (CYS) program. Since 1991, Catholic Youth Sports has been dedicated to the development of youth athletics throughout the Diocese of Orlando. Their vision is to develop student-athletes in mind, body, and soul to help them grow as individuals, both physically and spiritually.

Here at SJCS, our Panther Athletic Club (PAC) builds upon the CYS vision with a program that focuses on improving skill and knowledge of a given sport, but more importantly builds confidence in our student-athletes by teaching the values of responsibility, discipline and respect. Guided by our strong Catholic values, players are taught to be lifelong champions both on and off the field. The goal every season is for each athlete to develop and improve their skill base with a focus on teamwork and sportsmanship. Grade School Sports teams focus on cooperative learning skills with an emphasis on basic sport understanding and fun. These ages do not have tryouts. Our Middle School Sports are competitive teams and may have tryouts. For more information about CYS and our Panther Athletic Club, please contact our Athletic Directors below or visit the CYS website.



This upcoming indoor basketball sports season will be very different than in years past due to COVID. The strict regulations and guidelines enumerated below will be enacted to keep you and your player safe.

The most important change will relate to GAME DAY, and the number of spectators allowed in the gymnasiums across the Diocese. For St. James specifically, our school gym will allow for only 1-spectator (parent/guardian/grandparent/sibling/friend, etc.) per St. James player inside of the gym building. The same restriction will apply to the visiting team when playing at St. James. Each gym in the Diocese will have also have a similar spectator restriction based upon size of the gym, and those are listed below. Our recommendation is to plan on no more than 1-spectator per athlete, even when your team travels.

Other Safety Measures and Regulations Include:

Game Day

– Only one game will be held in the St. James gym at a time

– Players on the bench are required to wear masks; active players have an option while playing

– Coaches are required to wear masks at all times

– Spectators are required to wear masks while in the gym at all times

– There will be different entrances for spectators and players

Team Practices

– Temperatures will taken as players come into practice

– Parents must wait outside of school gates for their player(s)

– Masks must be worn by everyone as they enter /exit the gym

– Coaches must wear masks at all times; players may remove masks while practicing

– Effort will be made to maintain spacing during team huddles

– Athletes must bring their own water bottle

As we continue to register and assign players to teams, let us know if these regulations will change your participation or interest in any way ASAP. Refunds can still be processed for anyone that has previously paid but decides not to play up to the point of being assigned to a team roster. After that time, no refunds will be allowed.

We hope that you can understand and appreciate these regulations as well as the focus that CYS has on the safety of its players and spectators. All players/parents who choose to participate in the program will need to comply with the above safety protocols. Thank you for working together with us and all CYS teams, coaches, and spectators to support a healthy, safe, and fun season for all athletes.


Jennifer McMullen, Middle School Athletic Director

Dave D’Amato, Grade School Athletic Director


St. James Cathedral School

The typical sports seasons below have been altered due to Covid-19 and athletics being postponed until an October ’20 start. As of 12/16/20 the anticipated grade school spring sport is Basketball (grades K-3 co-ed and 4th and 5th by gender).

Registration for CYS Grade School Basketball will open Sunday 1/17 at 7am.

  • Due to COVID guidelines and limited access to gyms across the area, each school will only be able to field one basketball team per grade level.
  • Rosters will be capped at the following number of players:
    • K thru 3rd = 10 players
    • 4th thru 5th = 12 players
  • The link to Register will open at 7:00 a.m. on 01/17/2021 ; the first to register and pay the fees will be assigned to teams, until the roster cap is met
  • The grade 4 and grade 5 levels are gender specific, NOT Co-Ed this year.  If enough participants, we can have one boys’ team and one girls’ team at these grade levels.


 Grades K – 5th

Athletic Director:
Dave D’Amato — david.D’

TYPICAL Sports Offerings & Seasons

Coed Soccer (Sept./Oct.)

Coed Basketball (Nov./Dec.)

Coed Track (Jan./Feb.)

Flag Football & Coed Soccer (Mar./Apr.)

The typical sports seasons below have been altered due to Covid-19 and athletics being postponed until an October ’20 start. As of 12/16/20 the anticipated winter and springs sports are: Jan./Feb./Mar. – Boys and Girls’  Basketball, Mar./Apr./May – Boys’ Soccer and Girls’ Volleyball.


Grades 6th – 8th

Athletic Director:
Jennifer McMullen —

TYPICAL Sports Offerings & Seasons

Girls Basketball & Boys Soccer (Aug./Sept./Oct.)

Girls & Boys Track (Oct./Nov./Dec.)

Boys Flag Football (Oct./Nov./Dec.)

Girls Soccer & Boys Basketball (Dec./Jan./Feb.)

Girls Volleyball & Boys Volleyball (Feb./Mar./Apr.)

Registration & Volunteer Information

Many of the board members, directors, coordinators, coaches and team parents volunteer their time, talent and treasure to provide a fun and nurturing environment for the children. Parents are encouraged to be involved with CYS as volunteers. Parents, coaches, players and spectators are required to uphold the League Code of Conduct and attend 1 training.