Gifted Program


Advanced Learning Program for Higher Achievement is a project-based class designed to meet the needs of the gifted student by enhancing what they are learning in the general classroom. The program is open to students in grades 3-5 based on the following criteria: combined scores from a cognitive test such as InView, Terra Nova scores from ELA and Math, and DIBELS.

St. James Cathedral School

Specific Learning Outcomes

  1. Provide examples, illustrations and salient features of different  relationships.
  2. Form and revise questions for investigations.
  3. Use multiple sources to locate information for each question.
  4. Produce research projects and reports in effective formats using visuals to support the research.
  5. Develop analytical and interpretive skills in literature.
  6. Develop understanding of selected literary themes.
  7. Develop linguistic competency through vocabulary and language study.
  8. Develop skills in written and oral communication.
  9. Develop higher level thinking and reasoning skills in language  arts.
  10. Develop research skills.

Course Aims & Outcomes

  1. Develop concepts related to different relationships.
  2. Work independently and collaboratively on certain projects.
  3. Will actively participate in solving various problems using specific problem solving techniques.
  4. Will participate in novel studies with rich, complex language, open-endedness to create reflection, and helpfulness in building  problem-solving skills.
  5. Will develop research skills using various types of technology and resources.