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St. James Cathedral School

Academic Excellence and Spiritual Enrichment Since 1928

Located in the beautiful heart of downtown Orlando, Florida and just steps away from Lake Eola, St. James Cathedral School has been dedicated to academic excellence and educational ministry since 1928.

Founded on the philosophy “Come to Learn. Leave to Serve.”, our Catholic education lineage has strengthened through generations that grow our alumni family every year. Accredited through the Florida Catholic Conference, our students from Pre-K through 8th Grade experience an education that goes beyond the typical classroom.

Students benefit from tailored teacher-to-student ratios that keep the classroom settings personable to cutting-edge technology and spiritual enrichment. All of which embraces a child-centered teaching and curriculum that encourages each student to experience, discover and evolve.

St. James Cathedral School is committed to helping every child realize their full academic and spiritual path and sets them on course. Our foundation is one that blends education, spiritual discovery and mentorship together in a safe and stimulating environment. Through a devoted and nurturing community, our students are prepared for later years in life, inspired by the love and stewardship of Jesus Christ.

“St. James has taught me that learning at school isn’t only learning how to solve that one equation, that one answer on the test, or that one project due the next day. Although the academics at St. James is full of excellent teachers and great lesson plans, the teachers at SJCS aren’t here to teach me (just) academics, but also how to be a good Christian, and how to be active in my faith.” -Andres M., Class of 2021 “Every day I learn something new at St. James. I learn how to be kind to my family. I learn how to be a generous and compassionate friend to others.” -Katie C., Class of 2023 “The kindness of my teachers has taught me to stand up and be a leader to anybody in need of help. At my old schools, I didn’t have the courage to stand up for myself, and I was a follower. I realized I had to change after spending time at St. James, so I began to lead by vowing to stand up for those who may not be able to defend themselves, just as Jesus would have done. I just think, “What Would Jesus Do?”, and then I have my answer.” -Gabriella T. Class of 2022 “There is something about SJCS that has made me love going to school. St. James provides students with a pleasant environment in which I feel safe and welcomed by everyone. That is why I am so drawn to St. James and why I am going to miss the school when I graduate. SJCS has indeed become my home, and everyone in it is my family.” –Daniela M., Class of 2020 “St. James Cathedral School is a wonderful community where we "Come to Learn, Leave to Serve." The first reason we come to school is to learn. When we come to this school, we are taught to learn from our mistakes. We also learn to love and care for others. I have learned to never give up.” –Marie C., Class of 2025
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
On this Giving Tuesday, thank you for considering a gift to our annual fund at We are grateful for generations of Panthers supporters. #SJCSPANTHERFAMILY #CatholicGivingTuesday
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
Congratulations to the following 7th grade students who would have qualified for the Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program) based on their exceptional standardized test scores! Duke TIP has unfortunately taken a pause in their operations due to the pandemic, but we wanted to recognize our Panthers that qualified for this honor.

Alejandra G.
Alex G.
Allison P.
Andy L.
Carson U.
Clayton B.
Daniel Garcia
Davis H.
Emily D.
Jake K.
Kate S.
Liam M. (not pictured)
Liam T.
Logan W.
Madeline P.
Max T.
Mitchell N.
Nate S.
Oliver B.
Reilly A.
Riley D.
Tommy N.
Trey T.
William N.
William W.
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
Thanksgiving blessings from our Panther family to yours!
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
A first grade tradition here at SJCS to stretch our imaginations! “Thanksgiving Day is on it’s way...I am as scared as can be...I’m in disguise so nobody finds me...please don’t tell...I am a turkey!”
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
St. James Cathedral School, Orlando
We are grateful for our 2020 FUN RUN sponsors! Special thanks to our in-kind sponsor, Direct One, Inc., Central Florida's Print and Direct Mail Leader, for their continued support of SJCS.
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