Curriculum Overview

ART    [ahrt]
(noun)  1. The quality, production, or expression, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing or of more than ordinary significance. 2. Creating, producing, performing or expressing the beauty of the world. 3. Capturing imagination in a moment. This is how you “do” art.


St. James Cathedral School


CLASS:  Advanced Drama
Trimester Availability: 6th, 7th & 8th (1ST & 2ND ONLY)
Teacher: Ms. Christi Willard

SYLLABUS: If you are interested in a more serious drama experience then…lights, camera, action! Join Ms. Christi Willard for an in-depth drama experience. This group of students will have the opportunity to compete at the district and state levels! You will be able to audition specific pieces that you work on in this class and take it to the stage.

Students who will be performing in competitions may occasionally need to meet after school. The second part of the year will focus on other aspects of theatre including technical theatre and theatre management.

CLASS:  Design It!
Trimester Availability: 6th, 7th & 8th (1ST & 2ND ONLY)
Teacher: Mrs. Susan Fay

SYLLABUS: Creative? Imaginative? Crafty? Artistic? Then help “design it!” Kick your creative talents into high gear with Mrs. Susan Fay as you help design costumes, sets, and props for this year’s middle school musicals and other school related events!

This is an opportunity to be on stage without being on stage! Help to plan, design, and create essential elements necessary for a successful musical production! Then watch your hard work help the production come alive! NOTE: 1st and 2nd trimester commitment required. No 3rd trimester class offered.

NOTE: 1st and 2nd trimester commitment required for each class. No 3rd trimester class offered for either class.


Trimester Availability: 6th (3RD ONLY), 7th & 8th (2ND & 3RD ONLY)
Teacher: Florida Film Academy Instructor

SYLLABUS: Dreamed of being a movie star? Want to try your hand at directing? In this class, industry professionals from the Florida Film Academy (FFA) will teach you about the art of filmmaking and so much more!

Even better, the classes are not just limited to lmmaking, but include photography, movie makeup & FX, journalism, stop motion and so much more!

FFA provides all the professional camera gear, software, and computers that will allow you to work together as a production crew and learn to lm, edit, act in front of the camera, develop original stories—all the skills needed and much more to help you become Hollywood bound!

NOTE: This class requires an additional fee of $100 per student/per trimester to help cover the cost of this professional program. Space is limited. Secure your seat today and begin your journey to Hollywood in the Second Trimester!