Principal’s Greeting

Dear Families,

Many years ago I joined the St. James family as both an administrator and parent.
This journey dawn-helwig-bluehas allowed me the opportunity to dive deep into the ministry of Catholic education. As I moved from Guidance Counselor, to Assistant Principal to Principal I witnessed God’s transformation in not only my own children but in every child that walked the halls of this campus.

This school began in 1928 and it served elementary and high school students. The rooms were filled with Catholic priests and nuns that shared the love of Jesus and the foundation of Catholicism while providing an excellent education to the students.

Today, our school continues to be a historic example of academic and spiritual excellence. Our families come from near and far to continue this rich tradition for their children. Though the classroom has gone from clergy to lay ministers the love and sharing of our Catholic faith is very strong and vibrant. Our faculty is not only catechists they are certified in their teaching discipline from the State of Florida. Teaching at St. James is not just a profession it is a true ministry where it is evident that educating our children is our priority.

Technology, small group, and collaborative learning are the heart of each classroom from preschool through 8th grade. Our students develop life skills, strong moral character, and academic minds that see into the future while preparing for what is ahead. I can say first hand and as a parent, that St. James prepared my sons for Bishop Moore Catholic High School by being able to enter all honors and AP courses.

Here at SJCS we serve the whole child while developing them spiritually, socially/emotionally, and academically. As a parent who knows the sacrifices of providing a Catholic education to my four boys, it will always be the best decision that was made by our family. Catholic education is a lifelong investment. I can promise you it will be the best gift that you can give your child and family. I look forward to you and your child/ren joining our SJCS family.

Many Blessings,
Dawn Helwig, M.A. M.Ed.

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