Advisory Board Application

Member Qualifications & Criteria

In upholding the commitment of our Advisory Board, all members go through an application and review process.  Please take a moment to consider the commitments needed to fulfill the role of an Advisory Board member.

St. James Cathedral School

School Advisory Board Member Criteria

  1. Committed to attend monthly meetings as well as the August workshop
  2. Have a true commitment to Catholic school education and to the mission and philosophy of St. James Cathedral School.
  3. Be available to attend monthly meetings, and periodic in-service programs, and to participate in committee work.
  4. Maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality.
  5. Have the ability to deal with situations as they relate to the good of the entire school community.
  6. Be a credible witness to the Catholic faith (or one’s own religion) to the school community and beyond.

Membership Qualifications


  • A willingness to give the time to serve conscientiously
  • A willingness to attend board functions regularly
  • The highest level of honesty, integrity, and prudence and confidentiality
  • Ability to act without bias toward faculty and other employees of the school
  • An inquiring mind – open to both sides of an issue
  • The courage to face unpleasant takes and decisions
  • Ability to be very objective and free of personal, and financial or operational interest in the school
  • Willingness to disclose any existing or potential conflicts of interest




  • A commitment to the importance of service to the civic community
  • A depth of experience with general management problems
  • A position of respect in the community
  • The ability to influence public opinion favorably in areas of importance to a school
  • A willingness to learn while preparing for and serving as a board member
  • A demonstrated professional competence and ability in his/her chosen field


  • A commitment to understand and support the mission of the school
  • A commitment to support the teachings of the Church on education and directives of the Diocese of Orlando