Working to Help Enrich Educational Learning

St. James Cathedral School offers an excellent enrichment curriculum for all students attending Preschool through 8th Grade. WHEEL programs are designed to elevate the student’s learning experience with a core focus on S.T.E.A.M. curriculum and concepts.

As appropriate for each grade level, students discover advanced technology, apply critical thinking and reasoning skills and use enhanced dexterity methods in collaborative group learning centers as part of their grade group curriculum. Please visit the curriculum brochures for insights on the specific grade level enrichment programs.


St. James Cathedral School
The advanced programs listed below are offered to our 7th & 8th Graders as they prepare for the next stage of their education path.
St. James Cathedral School

Design It!

Always wondered how production plays, musicals and all the wonderful costumes come together on stage? Get a glimpse of the action behind the scenes where students experience a hands-on approach to staging on all levels.

This is an opportunity to be on stage without being on stage. Help design costumes, sets, and props for our school related events throughout the year then watch your hard work come alive and help make the production a success!

Teachers:  Susan Fay & Carrie Bailey

Gamestar Mechanic

Evolve from a game-player to a game-changer as students explore their developer skills. Gamestar Mechanic is a game and community designed to teach kids the principles of game design and systems thinking in a highly engaging environment.

Students will design games using game-based “Quests” using strategy, logic and while building critical 21st century skills. As you complete these missions, students earn items that they can use to make their own games. Each “Quest” contains missions that challenge you to play, modify, and design games to help you level up from player to designer.

Teacher:  Aline Sommers


St. James Cathedral School

Mad About Mythology

Students will embark on a journey through ancient Greece and explore classic myths through interactive scripts and videos. Navigating their vessel through the uncharted waters of Olympus and Valhalla, we will travel north to the land of the Norsemen and act out tales of dwarves, dragons, gods and goddesses.

Students will come in contact with a variety of world cultures while comparing those cultures to their own. Mythology teaches history by examining ancient times and their effect on the modern world. The study of Greco-Roman and Norse mythology strengthens students’ understanding of language since many English words are derived from characters and events found within. By studying ancient mythologies, students begin to think analytically about modern culture, analyzing the traces of ancient mythology has left behind and the legends that have been created in their own day.

Teacher:  Elizabeth Sayers-O’Neill


Get ready to ignite your curiosity and imagination through this hands-on robotics class! Students will build and program their very own robot using MINDSTORMS Education EV3 software and materials.

Design, program and watch your robot carry out controlled actions created by you. In GEAR class you will learn “how to robot,” then use your “robot to learn.” Experience the new wave of 21st Century learning and application with G.E.A.R! This class is limited to 9 students per trimester to ensure experiential learning is maximized.

Teachers:  Santiago Buraye

St. James Cathedral School

Panther Peer Leaders

Do you enjoy helping younger students in the classroom? Have you ever dreamed about becoming an educator and a strong leader? If so, this could be the class for you. We need students who are creative, who enjoy working with others, and who will serve as mentors for our first grade students.

Students will use their gifts, imaginations, and academic skills to enrich our younger Panthers in the areas of reading, math, science, and art. We will plan exciting activities that inspire and make learning an adventure. We will work in the classrooms, as well as the great outdoors. Come and be a part of serving our younger students!

Teachers: Anna Lee Cathcart, Laura McDonald & Susan Quinones

St. James Cathedral School

Advanced Theater

Students interested in a more serious drama experience get ready for lights, camera, action! Join Ms. Christi Willard for an in depth drama experience. This group of students will have the opportunity to compete at the district and state levels in the Thespian Competition!

You will be able to audition specific pieces that you work on in this class and take it to the stage. We may occasionally ask any students that would like to compete to meet after school. If you are not interested in competing, you will have the same opportunity to do scene work in class.

The second part of the year would focus on other aspects of theatre including technical theatre and theatre management.

Teacher:  Christi Willard
(First and Second Trimester commitment required)